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Central Subway’s 1st Blogger Roundtable


Senior Program Manager, John Funghi kicks off the event

The Central Subway Outreach Team hosted our first Blogger Roundtable last night!  We were excited to welcome avid public transit bloggers into the project office to meet the team, receive project updates, and ask questions.  Senior Program Manager John Funghi, Design Manager Matthew Fowler, Judy Moran from the Arts Commission, and External Affairs Manager Brajah Norris were on hand, and we were also pleased to have SFMTA Media Relations Manager Paul Rose in attendance.

The attendees asked many questions that ranged from transit to transit transitions to the tunneling construction process that will create the second phase of the T Third line. There were also questions from Twitter which were conveyed to the project team by attendees @MuniAlerts and @munidiaries.  Thanks to everyone for all of your questions and remember that we are only a tweet away if you have additional questions or concerns about the project.

The Outreach team was especially excited to meet the authors of various blogs we read regularly.  We were also happy to make connections among bloggers who share a mutual interest in transit.  We hope to make the Blogger Roundtable a regular event.  Our goal is to stay in touch with bloggers and keep the community informed as the project evolves. We would like to extend a special thank you to the attendees: @MuniAlerts, Transbay Blog, Muni Diaries, Fogcity Notes, SPUR, and Streetsblog SF.  We hope to see you again at the next Central Subway Blogger Roundtable or at future community events!

Here’s the prezitation (PDF) from yesterday’s meeting and we’ll upload the tunnel presentation shortly. Thank you for your patience.

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