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Letter from Administrator Rogoff to WSJ

Letter to the Editor ImageThe Administrator of the Federal Transit Administration, Peter Rogoff, wrote a letter to the editor on Saturday, Sept. 3, in response to the Wall Street Journal article about the Central Subway (Aug. 23).  We thank Administrator Rogoff for his support of the Central Subway and other transit projects around the country.  The letter to the editor is quoted below.

The Billion-Dollar-a-Mile Subway Makes Perfect Sense

Regarding your editorial “Off the San Francisco Rails” (Aug. 23): Survey after survey reveals that Americans want more transportation choices when it comes to commuting to work or getting around town. This should surprise no one when you consider the volatility in gas prices, the worsening congestion on our highways, and the fact that transportation costs rank second only to housing costs in the monthly budgets of working families. The economic case for transit is also clear: Time and time again we have seen that transit infrastructure investment creates jobs not just through new construction, but through the economic development that occurs along the new transit corridors.

Despite the overwhelming public support for expanded transit opportunities and the demonstrable economic benefits, the Journal recently criticized the administration for supporting San Francisco’s Central Subway Project, which will shorten the commute for tens of thousands of people through the densest population and employment center on the West Coast.

The Obama administration will continue to expand transit options so that the American public can spend less money on gas and less time in traffic jams. We will continue to partner with cities and states across the country to provide new transit opportunities that will generate more than 540,000 construction and related jobs. And we will continue to serve millions of Americans who, thanks to transit, will keep more of their paycheck in their wallet, rather than handing it over at the gas pump.

Peter Rogoff

Federal Transit Administrator


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