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Check it out: The Central Subway Spring Newsletter

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SFMTA Director of Transportation Edward D. Reiskin, San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee and SFMTA Board Chairman Tom Nolan speaking at a press conference in March.

Hot off the presses: It’s the spring 2012 edition of the Central Subway newsletter. Download it in English or Chinese to learn about the latest project news and to gain insight into community benefits, construction progress and station design.

This edition of the quarterly project newsletter features:

  • A project update from SFMTA Director of Transportation Edward D. Reiskin
  • Insight into featured artist Tomie Arai’s artwork for the Chinatown Station
  • A Central Subway construction update
  • And more…

The Central Subway newsletter is also available via email. To have future newsletters delivered directly to your inbox, subscribe to our mailing list here.

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One Response to “Check it out: The Central Subway Spring Newsletter”

  1. SFLocal 5 July 2012 at 11:48 am Permalink

    City Planners

    Before we continue applauding the underground rail system, you need to learn up the joke that is MUNI.

    management, before and after this “on-time” chicanery, should be deeply
    embarrassed.  Their failure to comment or try to make amends amounts to
    a public humiliation and — hopefully — private shame.

    MUNI, we are entrusting a publicly funded institution to irresponsible,
    greedy, lying, cheating bureaucrats and their minions.  That is why this
    is embarrassing.  Do you understand that MUNI management benefited monetarily from this on-time myth?  That in itself is a reason for you to begin hearings on this outrage immediately.

    How to solve the MUNI problem, finally?  Start from the top and replace all management.

    Whatever you do, don’t ignore this one, planners.  It will come back and bite you hard.


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