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Now starting: Construction of Central Subway stations, tracks and operating systems


This building in Chinatown will be demolished soon to make way for the Central Subway Chinatown Station.

Last month, we started the first construction activities to build the Central Subway’s stations, tracks and operating systems. This work will extend the Muni Metro T Third Line underground to improve public transit in some of San Francisco’s busiest neighborhoods. Once in operation, the Central Subway will cut travel times in half along congested Stockton Street and 4th Street while enhancing connections to BART, Muni Metro and Caltrain.

The first construction activities are preparatory in nature and include installing monitoring devices, putting up fences and removing hazardous materials at future subway station sites in Chinatown and SoMa. After completing this work, contractor Tutor Perini will demolish the existing structures at the sites of the future Chinatown Station (933-949 Stockton Street) and Yerba Buena/Moscone Station (260-266 4th Street). Station construction will follow.

At other locations, construction will commence later this year or in 2014. Construction timelines and impacts will vary significantly at the various project sites (more details below). Construction is expected to finish in 2018.

UMS Rendering - SE view - Sept 2012

Over the next few years, we will build the Union Square/Market Street Station on Stockton Street. This rendering shows the station entrance that will be built in Union Square Plaza, at the corner of Stockton and Geary.

The construction is part of SFMTA Contract 1300 (Stations, Track and Systems), awarded to Tutor Perini, a leading California-based construction firm, earlier this year. As part of this contract, Tutor Perini will construct three subway stations, one surface-level station, 1.7 miles of train tracks and the operating systems for the T Third Line extension.

Tutor Perini has extensive experience in building public infrastructure in the Bay Area and around the country. Tutor Perini improved the seismic reliability of the Richmond Bridge and is currently building the expansion of the Caldecott tunnel in the East Bay, among numerous other major projects.

To inform local businesses, residents, property owners and community groups about construction timelines and impacts, the SFMTA and Tutor Perini will work in partnership to disseminate  information and host community meetings before major work begins. The public may learn about Central Subway community meetings and construction by signing up for the project’s weekly construction emails. An online signup form is available at http://eepurl.com/oOs-b.


Construction will take place at the sites of the four new stations, an on 4th Street south of the 1-80 overpass.

The following provides an overview of the work included in this major construction undertaking. More information is available in this press release from the SFMTA.


Construction will be in progress at various sites from September 2013 to February 2018. Timelines will vary significantly at each site. Additional information will be provided in the coming months.

Locations and Scope of Work

Southern SoMa:

  • Location: Along and under 4th Street, between Bryant Street and King Street.
  • Main activities: Surface-level station at 4th and Brannan, surface-level tracks from King Street to the tunnel portal at Bryant Street, track reconfiguration at 4th and King streets to connect the Central Subway with existing T Third Line.

Northern SoMa:

  • Location: Along and under 4th Street, between Howard and Folsom streets.
  • Main activities: Demolition of gas station at 260 4th Street, construction of Yerba Buena/Moscone Station.

Union Square:

  • Location: Along and under Stockton Street, between Geary and Ellis streets, and at the southeast corner of Union Square Plaza.
  • Main activities: Union Square/Market Street Station, station entrance at southeast corner of Union Square Plaza, underground concourse connection to Powell Street Station.


  • Location: Along and under Stockton Street, between Stockton and Washington streets, and at 933-949 Stockton Street.
  • Main activities: Demolition of 933-949 Stockton, construction of Chinatown Station at Stockton and Washington streets.
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