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Why Central Subway? Find out in our new project brochure.


The front page of our new project brochure features photos of the neighborhoods and local destinations the Central Subway will connect.

Reducing travel times. Improving San Francisco’s transportation network. Connecting bustling neighborhoods, premier commercial districts, world-renowned tourist destinations and a burgeoning technology and digital-media hub. The Central Subway – a rapid, emission-free alternative to crowded buses and congested city streets – will do all this and more when it opens to the public in 2019.

Learn more about the Central Subway and its many benefits in our new project brochure. It includes key information about how the Central Subway will improve San Francisco’s public transit system, connect local communities and invest in San Francisco, as well as a brief history of the project’s strong local support.

Download the brochure here and share it with friends, family, coworkers, fellow transit advocates and others interested in finding out about more this important investment in San Francisco’s transportation infrastructure. It is also available in Chinese.

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